Payrol management 

Calculate your payroll in an easy and convenient way

Odoo Business Management System will help you calculate your payroll in an easy and convenient way. Most routines will be done automatically, or with just a few taps. (IMPORTANT: This module only works when using together with our integrated accounting and financial management system)

key functions / capabilities:

  • All employees’ data in one place;
  • Contract Management - This module will allow you to add more than one work contract to each employee;
  • Opportunity for employees to apply for leave and / or other absences - Allow employees to plan their vacation. Approve or reject / move requests easily. Control the accumulation and utilization of holidays;
  • Absence administration - convenient and simple registration of absences due to illness, secondments, unexplained absences, etc;
  • Time sheets - From now on, fill in the time sheets with a single click;
  • Automatic pay slip generation - Have them all ready in one go. When preparing a pay slip, all you have to do is select the right employee and any remaining data will be filled in automatically;
  • Payroll rules / requirements - apply to any area;
  • Automated Payment Formation - Create standard cashout orders or SEPA format bank exports with one click;
  • Interface to the general ledger - From now on, detailed transfer of employee deductions and deductions to GL is done at the touch of a button; 
  • Powerful search and filtering - filter and access data by any date, date intervals, different versions of records and many more criteria;
  • Customize your reports.