We have adapted Odoo to specific business areas

If you are interested in Odoo but can’t find a module for your particular business model her - leave it to us. We will customise Odoo for your business!

Solution for logistics and forwarding company's

We are offering a unique transport logistics and forwarding process management module based on Odoo system principles.

This module is intended for administration and accounting of processes for a company engaged in logistics or freight forwarding activities. Why us?
Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Solution for printing house

We have created a printing business solution that adds a specific spreadsheet to the sales module that makes it easy and quick for a sales manager to create a new product, get its cost, sell price and even create a fully customized production order (with the appropriate BOM).

From now on you can train a professional press salesman in a matter of hours!

Odoo for manufacturers and distributors of blinds

A unique solution for the production and sales of blinds based on Odoo principles. It is a group of unique modules that allow you to easily and accurately calculate the price of blinds, to create a sales order and a production card with precisely calculated amounts of raw materials (BOM) per minute.

Not only do we provide a convenient sales process - we also....

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

System for a construction company

We offer a unique module, based on the principles of the Odoo system, which we have developed specifically for construction companies. The module is designed to administer and account for virtually all construction company operating processes. It is fully integrated and successfully interacts with inventory, accounting, procurement, recruitment and other Odoo modules...

  Via Laurea created more than 200 modules, that further enrich the Odoo experience

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