Stock (warehouse) management 

It is obvious to every trader that effective warehouse management has a huge impact on the business. The Odoo stock management system (module) will help you automate these processes - from the moment of entry into the warehouse to delivery of customer orders. The system allows you to track not only current but also scheduled, incoming goods or raw materials.

Extremely flexible and modern, Odoo stock management system is stands out with modern design and excellent automation capabilities. It interacts directly with integrated sales, purchasing and accounting modules. Real-time communication with the e-shop or Odoo POS system (cash register) at a physical store or restaurant. The flexible Odoo API also allows us to combine Odoo warehouses with third-party e-shops, parcel systems (DHL, DPD, TNT, etc.) and other accounting softwares. It is used by market leader companies, such as TOYOTA, SHELL, DANONE, but it is also suitable for small and medium businesses.

Key Features / Capabilities:

  • Unlimited number of warehouses and internal locations - Manage warehouses based on hierarchical allocation structure;

  • Full-time real-time control - track and record the movement and condition of your warehouses;

  • Optimization of stock levels and quantities. Automated product replenishment on demand, eg. At the time of sale;

  • MIN / MAX rules - Describe the minimum quantity of products needed in stock at all times and receive automatic orders to maintain the required inventory;

  • Complete connection between production process and accounting, - Automatically reserve raw materials for production, write off raw materials after sales, all journal entries are automatically balanced and much more;

  • Bundling operations;

  • Packaging and / or unpacking operations;

  • Stock collection process - Perform the pick up manually or with the help of a BARcode scanner;

  • Management of warehouse operations via portable devices;

  • Tracking past or future transactions;

  • In-Depth analysis of stocked products by time period- get it in one click;

  • Determining the value of the product and the monetary value of inventories for each allocation;

  • Real-time dynamic reports;

  • Customization of stock management system or adaptation to specific / non-standard processes of your company