Manage Accounting and Finance Easily

All your activities, including financial, in one place.
This accounting program is fully integrated into all company processes.

Many companies of all profiles use several programs for finances- mostly it is excel and some other popular accounting programmes. The more advanced businesses also have CRM. We often meet companies that are using 3 or even more programmes that are not connected to each other. 

If you found us you are most likely aware of the issues and even losses that this may cause. We are offering a solution to this problem that will allow you to manage all your activities, including financial, in one place. 

The open source business management system Odoo is well suited for this.  Here you will complete all necessary bookkeeping operations and receive mandatory (or not) reports in a variety of sections. Once again, we want to emphasize that  this accounting program is fully integrated into all company processes.

The system also provides the following features / capabilities:

  • Absolute control over invoices and payments - clearly see when and which invoices came from the supplier, manage and re-approve them, see information about their payment status;
  • Records with just a few clicks - it's important for an accountant to be able to create a record from certain transactions in just minutes. The smart user interface provides exactly that;
  • Smart invoice reconciliation with payments - Manually or automated reconciliation of invoices with payments via bank interface. “Teach” the system to recognize the author of the order;
  • Recurring Actions - Set and automate recurring actions for payments, depreciation of fixed assets, deferred expenses;
  • A powerful tool for analysts, - analytical accounting operations integrated with timesheet, projects, invoices, warehouse;
  • Automated Currency Difference Calculation - Manage international payment information, convert costs and earnings to any currency - their rates are updated daily;
  • One system for the entire enterprise group - Use one system not only for all processes, but for your entire enterprise group. Monitor, compare, create consolidated reports;
  • Generate and submit mandatory reports to controlling authorities in just a few clicks - iSAF, iVAZ, SAFT, FR600, Intrastat, SD, etc; ( For accounting in Lithuania)
  • Non-standard functions or accounting reports - Do you need specific accounting reports for your business? - Our team of programmers is ready to personalise them for you.