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Odoo Modules and Functionality

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Odoo Business Management System (ERP System) Implementation

Business management system (ERP) Odoo programming tailored to your individual needs

The business is composed of various processes. Each of them in many cases have separate software. However, these programs differ and usually do not communicate among themselves. While the business is small, this may not raise issues, but after the growth or the expansion of business activities it may become more complicated to orchestrate everything. While we trust that your business processes are already managed well, we also strongly believe that there’s always space for improvement. If you want to opt for perfection too, we offer a universal modern business process management software Odoo, which can integrate and automate a wide range of business areas, helping you save a substantial amount of time and resources, while significantly increasing efficiency, productivity and, ultimately, profitability.

Sales Management

ODOO Business Management System provides powerful and flexible sales management tools - from first contact with prospective buyer to invoicing. Odoo sales process management is extremely simple and logical, and most importantly, sales can be easily taken over at any stage by another employee who has the ability to see the entire sales process. 

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Stock Management

It is obvious to every trader that effective warehouse management has a huge impact on the business. The Odoo stock management system (module) will help you automate these processes - from the moment of entry into the warehouse to delivery of customer orders. The system allows you to track not only current but also scheduled, incoming goods or raw materials.

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Project Management

Every growing company reaches a point where using only emails, phone calls and excel sheets is not effective anymore. If you feel like your business has reached that point- you need a modern business management system. Odoo BMS will allow you to effectively manage an unlimited number of projects, control them at all stages of implementation, track, systematize and store all relevant information.

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Manufacturing Management

If you have a manufacturing company, the planning of raw materials, human resources and planning work hours is very important in your activity. A state-of-the-art, highly flexible business management system Odoo will allow you to efficiently manage production orders, perform production cost calculations, track raw materials automatically, track work time, and forecast production capabilities.

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Finance and Accounting

Manage all your activities (including financial) in one place. Odoo accounting meets the highest accounting standards and is fully integrated into all company processes, such as CRM, HR and Payroll.

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Payroll Management

Odoo Business Management System will help you calculate your payroll in an easy and convenient way. Most routines will be done automatically, or with just a few mouse clicks. From absense and holiday administration through to custom data reports and contract management - Odoo has all of your Payroll needs covered.

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Purchase Management

Odoo Business Management System (BMS) will help you manage not only sales but also procurement processes in a modern way - from sending a request for a price, to the arrival of goods in the warehouse, to the receipt of supplier invoices.

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Marketing Management

The ODOO Business Management System offers tremendous opportunities to manage and automate email requests from customers or company emails, designing and running professional marketing campaigns.

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Asset Management

The business management system Odoo enables you to optimally manage all the assets of your company.

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HR Management

The advanced, highly flexible Odoo business process management system offers extremely wide possibilities for HR management for small and large companies.

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Fleet Management

If you use a large number of vehicles in your business, you know how important it is to know their fuel costs, track insurance, roadworthiness tests, monitor use, rent, repair and much more. Odoo Business Management System (BMS) will help you manage all the information related to your fleet in a modern way.

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POS (Point of Sale)

Manage store sales or restaurant orders with the modern and flexible POS (Point Of Sales) Point of Sales is a computerized cash register software for businesses such as shops, kiosks, bars, restaurants, cafes, canteens, etc. This software is fully integrated with Odoo.

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Website / E-Shop Building

With Odoo Web building module, you will be able to effortlessly create a modern website or e-shop that meets all site requirements and is fully integrated with other business processes (such as warehouse, accounting or Marketing). Choose from a wide range of pre-designed blocks and themes, and make use of Odoo's extensive free imagery library to elevate your site to the next level.

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Specialised Odoo module for a transport logistics and forwarding company

We are offering a unique transport logistics and forwarding process management module based on Odoo system principles. This Odoo module is intended for administration and accounting of processes for a company engaged in logistics or freight forwarding activities. 

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The perfect tool for working remotely

The concept of remote work is becoming increasingly more popular. Various studies and evaluations exist regarding the effectiveness of such a business model. However, it’s not always just about the personal preferences of the employees or a matter of social trends. There are many situations when the ability to work remotely or access company data from anywhere in the world is of utmost importance.

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