System for Websites and E-Shops

Odoo website and e-shop module

The state-of-the-art Odoo BMS (business management system) offers advanced yet highly user-friendly features for website or e-shop building. You can now design compelling pages simply using a drag-and-drop web builder, with pre-made customisable blocks, themes, and animations. The tools are developer-friendly too, with an integrated code editor.

Odoo will host your web pages free of charge as well as introduce regular updates to enhance the user experience for your site visitors. The tools will also allow you to fully optimise your website for SEO, make it mobile-friendly, and integrate it with other Odoo ERP modules, such as marketing, POS till system or ecommerce inventory management.

Key functionality and capabilities

Integration with other modules

This module offers interface with other Odoo apps and modules (marketing, events, accounting, project, ecommerce inventory management, etc.), as well as third-party apps;

Free imagery library

Get access to millions of static and animated photos, icons, illustrations and other copyright-free imagery to further enhance your pages;


Reach a wider audience by easily translating your web pages with Odoo's multi-language editor tools;

Fully customisable

All website features are fully customisable based on your needs. The web builder is developer-friendly too, with an integrated code editor available;

Built-in customer portal

Connect with your customers as they can easily access and manage their order history, ongoing order status and other relevant information in the built-in customer portal;

Generate reports

Track the growth of your website by generating various reports based on your chosen time-frames and other criteria (e.g. track the traffic brought from a specific email campaign);

Dynamic blocks

Select from a number of pre-designed blocks to customise an stylish web page, such as headers, CTA buttons, event invitations, image galleries, blogs, etc.;

Stylish themes

Designing pages with a coherent colour story is not your strongest skill? Pick from one of the stylish pre-made themes for a consistent look throughout the website;

Effects and animations

Take your website to the next level with special effects and moving animations available for blocks, text, backgrounds, and more;

SEO tools​

Write the most optimised content for the search engines with the use of meta titles, descriptions, keywords, etc.;

Integrated marketing

From social media activity and email campaigns to live chat and push notifications, your website will now be fully integrated with all of your marketing campaigns;

Complete ecommerce

Everything that you need for an ecommerce shop is easily available: stock management, live chat, promotions, automated tax rates, etc.;

Watch how easy it is to create a website with Odoo:

Build a stylish e-shop with Odoo

While we take care of its implementation and maintenance for you!