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Odoo implementation packages

Choose the most suitable plan based on your company's size, needs, and budget!


€ 7 000

The ideal solution for companies seeking a quick start with Odoo! Only the most essential functions for efficient business management, leaving room for growth. 

  • Odoo software installation and preparation for work (only in Via laurea or Odoo.sh*  servers)
  • All Odoo standard modules available
  • Odoo consultations / training
    (7,5 hours or 4 sessions)

  • System parameterisation work 
    (up to 1,5 hours)
  • System users - (licensed by Odoo SA) **​

  • Free 1-year hosting on Via laurea servers
  • Duration of implementation: 20 working days


€ 16 000

An excellent choice for growing businesses, aiming to integrate their unique processes with Odoo capabilities, while maintaining the system's simplicity.

  • Odoo software installation and preparation for work (only in Via laurea or Odoo.sh*  servers)
  • All Odoo standard modules available
  • Business process audit - WorkShop
    (4,5 hours or 3 sessions)
  • Odoo adaptation to specific business processes
    (only using standard solutions)
  • System parameterisation work
    (up to 3 hours)
  • Process automation possibilities
    (only using standard solutions)
  • Odoo consultations / training
    (7,5 hours or 4 sessions)
  • Adaptation of PDF document templates
    (up to 8 hours of programming)

  • System users - (licensed by Odoo SA) **
  • Multi Company functionality

  • Free 1-year hosting on Via laurea servers
  • Duration of implementation: 40 working days


Price is based on functionality

Designed for organisations that need a fully customised Odoo platform and non-standard business management solutions.

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  • Odoo software installation and preparation for work (in Via laurea, Odoo.sh*, or client's servers)
  • All Odoo standard modules available
  • Business process audit - WorkShop (as needed)
  • Odoo adaptation to specific business processes 
    (as needed)
  • System parameterisation work
    (as needed)
  • Development of specialised modules / functionality
  • Process automation and integration possibilities
    (as needed)
  • Adaptation of PDF document templates (as needed)
  • Other programming work 
    (as needed)
  • Multi Company functionality
  • Data imports
  • Customised reports
  • Odoo conclustations / training
    (as needed)
  • Dedicated project team
  • Free 1-year support under our plan SLA-8
  • System users - (licensed by Odoo SA) **
  • Duration of implementation: contractual

All prices are without VAT

(*)  - Odoo.sh not included in the package price. Paid directly to Odoo SA.
(**) - not included in the package price. User subscriptions are paid directly Odoo SA (from €17.90 / month per user).

Not sure which plan is the most suitable for you? Our Odoo specialists will help assess your business needs!

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The "Essentials" is an entry-level plan designed to provide basic Odoo functionality, ideal for small and medium-sized businesses looking to get started with Odoo. We also recommend starting with this plan for larger businesses that want to better understand Odoo in order to later optimally adapt this flexible system to their processes. 

The "Scale" plan offers additional functions and customisations for growing companies that know their needs and demand more from the Odoo system, including process analysis and system adaptation. 

"Bespoke" is the top-tier plan that offers fully customised solutions, including module development and comprehensive data imports, for businesses that require maximum adaptation of functionality.

When choosing between the "Essentials", "Scale", and "Bespoke" plans, it's important to consider the size, specifics, and growth potential of your business. Consider how much customisation your business processes will require? Also consider how much time and resources you are willing to devote to system implementation and training, and what your expectations are for the amount and quality of technical support you will receive.

Installation time may vary depending on the plan selected and your specific requirements. The "Essentials" plan can typically be deployed in 2–3 weeks as it focuses on standard Odoo functionality only. 

"Scale" requires more detailed system configuration and can take up to 7 weeks, especially if detailed analysis and planning of business processes is required. 

Bespoke implementation is the most complex. Depending on the scope and complexity of the project, the implementation process can take from several months to years. But it is important to note that the installation can be done in stages. This means that you can install the most necessary modules, such as CRM and sales management first, and start using the system after just a few weeks. Later, add additional features as and when needed.

Yes, you can upgrade your Odoo implementation plan at any time. If your business needs change or expand, we can help you transition from one plan to another, ensuring that the Odoo system will always meet your business requirements.

The Odoo system can be hosted in different ways depending on your needs. 

We offer two hosting options for the "Essentials" and "Scale" plans. 1) You can choose our own (Via laurea) cloud servers and the usage cost for the first year will be included in the plan price. 2) Alternatively, you can choose the Odoo-managed platform (odoo.sh), for which Odoo SA applies an additional fee. 

The "Bespoke" plan gives you the opportunity to choose not only Via laurea or Odoo cloud servers, but also third-party servers (on-premise) chosen by the client. However, it is important to understand that choosing this option may incur additional costs related to server administration and maintenance.

Odoo regularly provides system updates that include security patches and bug fixes, ensuring system stability and security. A major new version is released every year, which not only improves functionality, but also includes new improvements. The transition to this new version is called Odoo migration, which is done by our team.

For customers with one of our SLA (Service Level Agreement) plans, the migration of standard systems and replicated modules created by "Via laurea" is free of charge. This means that the transition of your business operations to the new version of Odoo is smooth and without additional costs. Also, our technical support will be there to quickly and efficiently solve any system problems that may arise.

The modules developed by "Via Laurea" are carefully checked and tested by our specialists before they are installed in your environment. This process significantly reduces any risks to your business operations during upgrades.

Odoo implementation and support services

 We divide our services into the following components:

A. Hourly rates for services
  • Parametrisation 
  • Working with data 75
  • Training / Consultations
B. Fixed contract price  
  • Integration / Analysis / Recommendations  With "Bespoke" package. Quotes separately for each area / module.
  • "Via laurea" modules for LT localizations  Visit our modules e-shop 
  • Custom Odoo modules based on specific needs  Quote provided after assessment 
C. Maintenance services
  • Odoo hosting services From €20 / month
  • SLA support plans (based on reaction times to tickets: 8 / 4 / 1 hour)  €175 / €300 / €500 / month
  • Help desk work with customer inquiries (with 15 mins rounding)  75/val.