Why Odoo ERP system is an ideal choice for growing businesses

Growth is the primary goal for the majority of businesses, however, it’s also one of their greatest challenges. As the company expands, it becomes more and more complicated to orchestrate all operations successfully. This is where you run into various efficiency issues, such as delays, inventory stock-outs, software downtime and, ultimately, customer complaints. 

This is precisely why choosing a business management solution with scalability in mind is of paramount importance. Among the available software, Odoo ERP system stands out as one of the most convenient, flexible, and cost-efficient options for growth-focused businesses. Here are some of the reasons why. 

Odoo ERP modules

Odoo ERP system works based on a modular structure,meaning that different business processes are encapsulated within different modules, such as CRM, HR, inventory management, fleet management, marketing, accounting, and so on. This makes it an obvious choice for companies having the ERP vs CRM debate, as this software covers not only all of your CRM needs, but also everything else. 

The biggest advantage of ERP modules, however, is their flexibility when it comes to growth. This means that businesses can start with just a few key apps to run their business, adding more as they grow and their needs change. This ensures that you only use (and pay for) what you really need at any given stage of your journey. 

A full ERP integration with other processes

Odoo doesn’t just offer separate apps and modules for different processes - it fully and seamlessly integrates all of them within a single dashboard. From manufacturing to ecommerce to sales, Odoo offers smooth management of various business operations across different departments. 

This not only increases efficiency and data accuracy in the organisation, but also helps it scale easier, simply by integrating new workflows or teams into the system without any issues. For instance, if a company hires customer service personnel that it didn’t have before, the new department and its employees will immediately have access to the necessary client information and other tools they may need, like timesheets, email marketing, calendar, live chat, etc. 

Custom Odoo solutions and flexibility

Being an open-source software with API connectivity, Odoo ERP is highly flexible and customisable, which makes it much easier to scale. A smaller business can, therefore, acquire the standard modules to begin with and develop custom modules later down the line. 

So, as and when new challenges raise due to growth, these can be quickly addressed with tailor-made solutions. The API connectivity allows you to connect other tools and platforms if needed, such as Amazon, DHL or Ebay, for instance. Therefore, Odoo business management software grows together with the company, without requiring huge initial investment. 

Odoo pricing model

Growing business does not have to equal growing software costs! Odoo is a great example of a cost-efficient ERP system with a transparent pricing model.The software offers one monthly subscription fee for the Enterprise plan, which includes all of Odoo’s standard modules and has no limitations on functionality, data or development possibilities. Odoo’s pricing is highly competitive compared to the alternative ERP systems, however, it offers a wide range of powerful functionality with no hidden fees. 

Different hosting options

Odoo ERP system has 3 types of deploymentyou may choose from: cloud-based, on-premise or a hybrid (odoo.sh). A cloud-based software is typically what fast-growing businesses benefit from the most, given that they don’t have to worry about in-house hardware and servers. It also makes ERP migration a much quicker and less complex process.

Odoo.sh ​is an option that offers the best of both worlds, providing you with the flexibility and security of the cloud infrastructure, while allowing you to customise these solutions to your own workflows. 

Intuitive and user-friendly interface

Software interface is not something businesses tend to consider as much, in regard to scaling a business. However, as your teams grow, and you start onboarding new people, having an intuitive and user-friendly interface becomes extremely important. You want new members of the team to train how to use the system to its full potential as quickly as possible. 

Odoo’s UI is often praised for being highly intuitive and easy to navigate, even as a first-time user. Besides, thanks to its amazing community, Odoo also has a large selection of resources available for learning purposes, such as module documentation, YouTube videos, podcasts, tutorials, community forums, and so on. This benefits both new and senior employees, who may need to look up a functionality or get some questions answered. 

Future-Proofing your Business with Odoo ERP

It is no secret that, here at Via laurea, we are huge fans of Odoo ERP! We believe that this software is an ideal solution for companies of all types and sizes. It is a flexible and robust system that effectively accommodates business growth through tailor-made solutions and add-ons. 

So, if you want to future-proof your business with a powerful software and are looking for local Odoo partnersto help you get started - you’ve come to the right place. With years of experience and successful Odoo implementation projects, we are ready to help you find the best custom ERP solutions for your individual business needs.


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