Odoo solution for blinds manufacturing company

About the company

Founded in 2008, this company is one of the leading blinds manufacturers in Lithuania. They offer a wide selection of sun protection products, including roller blinds, curtains, nets, and more. The company currently employs 25 workers, with their annual revenue reaching nearly 2 million EUR. 

Key challenges: 

Before installing "Odoo," the company used several basic programs for their process management, such as "Excel". However, the limited capabilities of these programs caused various internal issues. The most prominent of these were: 

  • Lack of an inventory management solution: When placing orders, the company could not see its raw material balances or make reservations for them, which often led to stockouts and shortages of necessary materials for production;
  • Wasted time and resources: Most processes, including stock management and order placement, were completed manually (e.g., when raw material or product prices changed, the pricing tables had to be redone manually each time);

As a result, the entire sales process, from order placement to production, became overly long and complicated. As the business grew and its needs expanded, the company increasingly struggled with order volumes, leading to frequent delays and customer dissatisfaction. The growing number of sales managers in the company did not solve these problems either. 

Main goals: 

  • The company was looking for a way to optimise the whole production process, in order to make it faster and require fewer resources. 
  • The business needed a better data management solution, automating parts of it as well as helping to process it more efficiently and accurately.
  • Having worked only in the B2B (business-to-business) sector until now, the company wanted to enter the B2C (business-to-consumer) market too, but did not have the necessary resources or capabilities. 

Via laurea solution

In 2021, the blinds manufacturing company participated in the  EU financing program and won the needed funding for Odoo ERP system implementation with Via laurea. 

The client was provided with a full Odoo solution, covering all business management processes: from sales to accounting (we've installed more than 100 standard and custom modules). Most of the previous processes were automated or replaced with more efficient solutions.

All business areas and related data were transferred from several different programs into one, centralised software. The client's website was adapted for sales in the B2C sector and included a separate B2B portal for larger volume orders.

One of the most important solutions developed by us was a product configurator (calculator), tailored to the company's specific sales workflows and linked to their e-shop. This configurator automatically calculates the order's price based on parameters entered by the buyer (e.g., desired number of blinds, width, height, material, color, etc.). 

When the customer places an order in the online store, it is automatically created in the system, and the required amount of raw materials is reserved for production, in real-time. This solution completely replaced the need to manually calculate material prices and place orders.

However, the implementation process was not without its challenges - like many well-established companies, our client dealt with some negative reactions and resistance to the new system within their staff. But, after establishing the many advantages of Odoo ERP and some change management efforts, the project eventually gained momentum.


The Odoo solutions we implemented for this blinds manufacturing company did not take long to bring excellent results for the business:

  • The company currently employs 5 times fewer sales managers, yet the team handles the ever-increasing volume of orders very effectively;
  • The business achieved its goal of expanding into the B2C market, where it is now successfully growing its customer base;
  • The company's profit is growing annually: it has risen from nearly 1.6M EUR in 2020 to almost 2M EUR in 2022; 
  • Despite receiving more orders than a few years ago, their manufacturing process is faster than ever, which also results in positive customer reviews. 

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