Manufacturing Management

Modern Odoo ERP solutions for manufacturing

If you are a manufacturing company, the planning of raw materials, human resources, and work hours is very important for operations. The state-of-the-art, highly flexible business management system Odoo will allow you to efficiently manage production orders, perform production cost calculations, track raw materials automatically, track work time, and forecast production capabilities. 

Key functionality and capabilities

Creation of scheduled or automatic production orders​

Production on demand. Produce not only for warehouse but also unit orders, when you need them. The system will automatically create a production order upon the product sale approval;

Production planning

Configure your own planning, manage your production and orders effectively;

Automated raw material orders

Configure automated purchase orders and stock reservations when a new production process begins. Get instant stock warnings so you never run out of raw materials;

Barcode support

Start / end production and track time and operations on different work orders simply by capturing or scanning the barcode;

Flexible production bundling (BOM) specifications​

If necessary, modify the specifications during production commencement. Write off damaged raw materials in real-time, and more;

Production cost reports

Generate production cost reports in real-time, with just a few mouse-clicks;

Full product traceability

Identify products and consumables by batch or serial numbers. Even in years' time, you will easily find the cause of the product defect in just a few seconds;

Human and / or machine resource management

Effectively plan working hours and the capacity of your resources;

Custom ERP solutions for manufacturing

Odoo is extremely flexible and offers customising opportunities for various functions. If the software's standard version does not satisfy your specific industry or manufacturing management processes, we can adapt this module to your needs.

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