Fleet Management

All the information you need - in one fleet management system

If you use a large number of vehicles in your business, you know how important it is to monitor their fuel costs, track insurance, roadworthiness tests, monitor use, rent, repair, and much more. Odoo Business Management System (BMS) will help you manage all the information related to your fleet in a modern, integrated way.

Key functionality and capabilities

General technical units register

Note down the available technical units (cars, motor vehicles, trailers, etc.). Assign them to responsible / accountable persons. Administer statuses (e.g.: waiting, working, repairing, write off, etc.);

Manage tasks and actions

Create and track tasks. Get reminders and notifications about them;

Recurring expenses record

Automatically record recurring expenses (e.g. rent, maintenance, parking, insurance, etc.);

Speedometer reading control

Track and control speedometer records;


Link your transport object to your analytics account and get even more accurate reports, in order to make the right decisions that will optimise your business costs;

Document register

Record documents relating to the vehicles you have (registration, insurance, roadworthiness tests, owner information). Keep track of the validity of your documents. Receive alerts;

Cost control

From now on, anyone in charge will be able to record fuel and other costs. When the Odoo accounting systemis used, the records are automatically synchronised with the general bookkeeping;

Scheduled repair control

Schedule repairs and other actions. Get reminders and information about their progress;

Car rental

Record all relevant information about rented fleet more efficiently;


Generate dynamic reports with a wide variety of slicers. Export them to an Excel document;

Custom functionality development

Something missing? Don't see the functionality you need for your company's fleet administration? Our experienced team of programmers will implement personalised solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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