Marketing Management

Marketing campaign management | Event administration

The Odoo business management system offers tremendous opportunities to manage and automate professional marketing campaigns through emails, social media, SMS marketing and dynamic reporting.

Key functionality and capabilities

Action automation

Automate company’s responses to incoming mail or periodic actions (e.g. automatic system actions, such as converting leads to opportunities). Select specific triggers for actions and the time length between them;

Inquiry optimization

Encourage clients to contact the correct department, optimise query administration and processing;

Dynamic fields

Use dynamic fields to automatically fill in the necassary information for each individual email;

Social media management

Create engaging social media posts that will be automatically send out in your chosen platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube), at your chosen time;


Track and plan your further marketing campaign activities. View information in various charts to easily plan the next steps of your campaign. Follow the progress of the campaign: sent emails emails, recipient responses (click, open, unsubscribe rates), actions taken, emails yet to be sent, and more;

Event management

Everything you need for event management, in one place. Odoo offers a platform that can handle events of any type or scale. Odoo Events covers all aspects of an event planner's work, from event organization and ticketing to presentations, post-event communication, etc;

Automated emails

Create different auto-emails for each unit, service or action on the system. The Marketing Automation module configures direct interfaces to all BMS objects - partners, sales opportunities, customer requests, etc...;

Email templates

Use customisable email templates or create new templates yourself. Later, use the same templates in any other marketing campaigns - this way keeping your emails always consistent, professional, and on-brand;

Test emails

Test the appearance of your emails and their dynamic fields before sending them. Use A&B testing to find the most effective copy for your email campaign;

SMS campaigns

SMS messages are faster than emails and have the best open rates. They go directly into your contacts' pockets, so you can be absolutely sure that they will be opened and read in just a few moments;

Marketing campaigns automation

Put your business on autopilot. Create auto-targeted marketing campaigns. Segment your prospect database to deliver the right message to the right customer, at the right time. Set-up advanced marketing workflows that focus on your prospects and effectively nurture them through your sales pipeline 24/7;


Improve your organisation's performance with Odoo Surveys. Easily create engaging online surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, marketing campaigns, feedback forms, and more;

See how to manage marketing campaigns on Odoo ERP:

Automate your marketing activities with Odoo  ERP system

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