Accounting "LT VAS"
The primary accounting management solution, adapted for companies of various sizes, providing all the necessary tools for smooth daily accounting management, in accordance with Lithuanian accounting standards (VAS).
3,500.00 € 3500.0 EUR
Inventory Accounting Supplement LT
The Accounting "LT VAS" functions are expanded in this module by adding inventory management, logistics, and essential reports. This is an ideal choice for companies that trade or manufacture and require detailed inventory accounting.
2,500.00 € 2500.0 EUR
HR | Salary "LT"
Payroll Accounting (LT Localisation)
4,500.00 € 4500.0 EUR
SAF-T files suitable for submission to the VMI system for generators.
5,900.00 € 5900.0 EUR
Accounting | GPAIS
Generation of documents suitable for submission in the GPAIS declaration system.
1,440.00 € 1440.0 EUR
The file is suitable for submission to the customs department in electronic form.
360.00 € 360.0 EUR
Accounting | iSAF
Generation of i.SAF files suitable for submission to the VMI i.MAS system
700.00 € 700.0 EUR