Asset Management

Manage your company assets easily

Odoo ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system allows you to achieve an efficiently managed inventory using a wide range of smart tools. Whether you are in need of fleet asset management or ecommerce inventory management software, this powerful solution will meet your specific business requirements. Amongst the many capabilities, Odoo asset management module streamlines your registering, administration, status control, reporting and many other processes.​

Key functionality and capabilities

General assets register

Register your company-owned equipment, buildings, cars, and other assets, at the time of purchase;

Asset status control

Track and control purchases, sales, leases, repairs and other asset statuses;

Automation of periodic actions

Planning and execution of rent collection, reminder sending, depreciation calculation and other similar actions and their implementation;

Depreciation calculation

The system will calculate the depreciation of assets according to the set parameters. (IMPORTANT: This feature is only available when used with the full Odoo accounting system);

Asset condition administration

Record repairment requests, plan renovations and perform other asset condition administration;

Managed inventory

Perform inventories, generate reports, records, and store their information;​

Installing additional functionality

Does your company have non-standard business management processes? We can tailor the Odoo asset management module to fit your specific business needs.  

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