HR management Easily

Use one of the world's best hr management systems

The advanced, highly flexible Odoo business process management system offers extremely wide possibilities for HR management for small and large companies:

Key features/ capabilities:

  • All information in one place - Keep all your employee information you need in one place. You can distinguish between public information (contact details, department, position, etc.) and private information (marital status, health information, salary bank account, etc.) and choose which information will be visible to other employees, departments or clients registered with the system and which will not;
  • Interface to Payroll module- track employee attendance, expenses, departures, holidays. Employees may enter a request to managers for paid leave, illness or other reason to approve and validate the request. The system automatically calculates and tracks the number of vacation days accrued, how many and when they have already been used up;
  • Work time accounting - Record and monitor time spent on tasks, control staff pay, cost of labor and project costs;
  • Centralizing cost accounting - Get rid of paperwork. Track all expenses directly through the system. It gives you easy ratification, reimbursement and new billing;
  • Employee Reports - Create an evaluation plan for your employees and see their  improvement. See a detailed overview of all employees on their working time records and departures. Easily create the report templates you need;
  • Employee Search / Hiring Process - Search and browse the CV database. View structured information about job candidates in a single window. Design and submit questionnaires to potential employees. Record past or future recruitment rounds, schedule job interview meetings, develop proficiency tests. Save the contacts you want for future reference.