Marketing management Easily

That's what's best in marketing administration, now integrated with you.

The ODOO Business Management System offers tremendous opportunities to manage and automate email requests from customers or company emails, designing and running professional marketing campaigns.

Key Features / Capabilities:

  • Action Automation - Automate company’s responses to incoming mail or periodic actions. Select the action to be taken, the emails to be sent, and the time length between two actions or before any action is initiated. Create newsletters or emails that will automatically be sent out based on the functions you choose;
  • Query optimization - Encourage clients to contact the correct department, optimize query administration and processing;
  • Auto-mails - Create different auto-mails for each unit, service or action on the system. The Marketing Campaign module configures direct interfaces to all “BMS” objects - partners, sales opportunities, customer requests, etc.;
  • Letter Templates - Use customizable letter templates, or create new templates yourself. Later, use the same letter-templates in any other marketing campaign. This will help your emails always look consistent and professional;
  • Dynamic Fields - Use dynamic fields to automatically fill in information for each individual email;
  • Test Mail - Test the appearance of mail and dynamic fields before sending;
  • Reports - Track and plan your marketing campaign. View the information in the various charts to easily plan the next steps of your campaign. Keep track of your campaign progress: sent emails, recipients' responses, actions taken, mail still to be sent.