Odoo Experience 2022

"Via laurea" team's experience attending the Odoo event in Brussels, in October 2022!

Back in October 2022, “Via laurea” team had the honour of attending the annual Odoo Experience gathering in Brussels, Belgium!

The three-day event was jam-packed with brilliant experiences - we attended a variety of inspirational sessions and informative conferences, further expanding our knowledge on the vast possibilities of the Odoo ERP system. Our team left them feeling more motivated than ever, as we found ourselves bouncing new ideas off each other.

We had an exclusive first look at Odoo version 16 as well as its newest features and functionalities. As always, the open-source ERP system keeps on improving with each update, making sure to take its community's concerns and suggestions into account while doing so. Odoo also announced its new pricing strategy, which made this advanced open-source software even more attractive in the market.

Lastly, we had so much fun meeting fellow Odoo partners, colleagues and other members of the community (a total of 10,000!). Some great conversations were had during the event, whether discussing the latest news on Odoo, exchanging experiences on business strategies or sharing great recommendations on exploring the beautiful city of Brussels!

We already cannot wait for Odoo Experience 2023 - see you there!  

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