Construction tools trading management with Odoo ERP

About the company

Established in 2006 in Vilnius, this trading company specialises in the market of high-quality construction tools, their accessories and parts. The majority of sales are conducted B2B (business to business), but they also trade in the B2C (direct to consumer) sector. The client conducts sales both in their e-shop and in physical stores in the major cities of Lithuania. Currently, the company employs over 50 people, and its annual revenue in 2022 exceeded 12 million EUR. 

Key challenges: 

Before implementing Odoo, this tool manufacturing and retail company used several popular systems to cover different business areas (including a well-known ERP system). 

However, the existing solutions did not meet the company's expectations: their functionality was unsatisfactory, there was no interface between them, and the company's data was stored in various different platforms. The numerous systems also incurred excessive costs for the company. 

Moreover, the company has a huge warehouse with thousands of product locations (shelves) that required an efficient inventory management and product search solution. Its absence led to various problems in production and warehousing processes. 

Main goals: 

  • Integrate all business processes and data into one centralised system;
  • Reduce expenses associated with business management tools; 
  • Improve inventory management using tools that meet the company's unique needs; 
  • Optimise other processes and increase the overall business efficiency.

Via laurea solution

Seeking the most economical business management solutions, this company primarily implemented standard Odoo modules and applications. All company processes were fully integrated into the Odoo system, including an interface between the warehouses and the POS devices in physical stores, for real-time inventory management and data flow. 

Additionally, we implemented all the essential Odoo modules for effective management of other business areas: CRM and sales, accounting and finance, production management, project management, marketing, HRM (human resources management), and more. 

The company also acquired several solutions developed by "Via laurea", including GPAIS and Intrastat connectors for Lithuanian accounting. One of the custom solutions, developed for their specific needs, was an interface with EDI format documents. This solution improved order management and automated the issuance of invoices in the B2B sector (which previously was done manually). 


The Odoo business management system has provided significant value to this tool trading company. It not only integrated all business processes into one place, as per the client's goals, but also optimised and automated a large number of them. 

Although the company continues to expand its Odoo functionality based on developing needs, the client is already noticing great benefits of this ERP software through increased process efficiency. Various tasks, which were previously done manually, are now performed much faster and more productively. The most improved area for this company, however, was the order and inventory management in real time. 

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