Sales Management | CRM Module

CRM software and sales management in one

ODOO ERP system  provides powerful and flexible sales management tools - from first contact with prospective buyer to invoicing. Odoo sales process management is extremely simple and logical, and most importantly, sales can be easily taken over at any stage by another employee who has the ability to see the entire sales process.

Key functionality and capabilities

Sales initiation

Easy administration of sales opportunities; Automated sending offers to prospective clients;

Work / action planning

Assign responsible persons, allocate tasks, store a complete history of correspondence and customer calls;

User access levels

Assign teams or individual employees who will be able to see all information about an inquiry and participate in its activities;

Opportunities / initiatives conversion to orders

Effectively record and convert successful sales or lost opportunities;

Simple and quick invoicing

Send automatically generated invoices or issue them manually with just a few clicks. When necessary, invoices can be issued by non-accountants;

Dynamic reports

Generate monthly, weekly, daily, or any selected time period reports within one mouse-click;

Iquiry management

Transform inquirements into tasks and projects, assign the people responsible for them;

Data management

Save all historical data of customer calls, communication, and actions completed;

Tracking sales progress​

Adjust pricing with a single mouse-click and plan your sales process efficiently;

Customer database

Store all your customer information in one place. Group them by type of services or products sold and other criteria;

All in one place

Keep track of payments, incoming and completed orders, deadlines, and other important information in a single, convenient software;

Full control over your sales process

Forecast your income and track your real income, calculate the difference. Any ordering costs or revenues are also recorded in the system and can be linked to the accounting module;

Odoo CRM software development

Is your company's sales process unusual or non-standard? The open-source Odoo ERP system is extremely flexible with many customisation opportunities. Our experienced team of programmers will be able to adapt this CRM to your individual needs.

Watch a walk-through of Odoo CRM module:

Turn opportunities into profitable sales with powerful Odoo CRM system!​

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