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Manage store sales or restaurant orders with the modern and flexible POS till system. POS (Point of Sales) is a computerized cash register software for businesses such as shops, kiosks, bars, restaurants, cafes, canteens, etc. This software is fully integrated with Odoo BMS (business management system).

The technical part consists of a low power PC with installation of fiscal unit control equipment, one or more screens as needed, tablet or other portable device, cash drawer, scales, fiscal receipt printer, barcode scanners and bank / discount card readers. This also includes Odoo ERP system that has one of the most advanced POS modules with a full interface to the company’s warehouse and accounting.

Key functionality and capabilities 

Essential cash register functions

This includes Z, X reports, cash withdrawal, printing of fiscal receipt, and other functions;

Marketing tools

Coupons, loyalty cards, administration of discounts, and more;

Access to multiple handheld devices

From now on you don't have to be tied to the cash register location! Grab a tablet and fill in a receipt while walking with a customer at the mall or right at the customer's table in the restaurant;

Category tree

Browse products by your own categories;

Dynamic reports

Generate and view reports with a variety of slicers. Export them to an Excel file;


Use a restaurant-friendly POS system. Make a table plan, place an order for the kitchen, get information about the cooked dishes, and more;

Invoice printing

Easy and quick generation and printing of invoices;

Real-time interface with  other system modules

Inventory, sales orders, ecommerce store, email, and other modules;

Convenient product search

Search for products by their name, snippet of their title, or simply by scanning a barcode;

Unlimited parallel sessions

Record multiple sales in parallel by stopping them and later adding products or payments;

Cashier users

Create individual users for your employees, open and close the cashier easily;

Offline mode

Use the cash register locally even after losing internet connection. All data synchronizes automatically when the internet is restored;

Possibility to add custom functionality

We offer additional already-created modules that are useful for extending the functionality of the Odoo POS system. But, if necessary, our experienced team of developers will adapt the module to your individual business needs.

See how to use Odoo POS system in restaurants: 

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