Project Management

Effective project management with Odoo ERP system

Every growing company reaches a point where using only emails, phone calls and Excel sheets is not effective anymore. If you feel like your business has reached that point, you need a modern business management system. Odoo ERP software will allow you to effectively manage an unlimited number of projects, control them at all stages of implementation, track, systematise and store all relevant information.

Key functionality and capabilities

Creating public and private projects​

Create unlimited projects and tasks, control who can see their information and participate in discussions. Projects can be published either publicly (the information is accessible to anyone) or with restricted publication provisions (only designated persons can see and participate);

Information fow management

Assign each project to clients, subcontractors, sponsors or partners, and communicate with them through the system, synchronising messages with your email. This software allows you to store all project-related communication in one place, even when receiving it through various different channels. No more lost or mixed-up project information! You can also mark your emails as important, to-do or already done;

Scheduling system (Gantt)

Create project goals (milestones), assign deadlines, keep track of time spent on the project, time remaining or overdue. Plan your tasks and milestones according to your available human resources using the Gantt chart;

Project and task status

Administer and record the changing stages of different tasks and the overall progress of the project;

Real-time dynamic reports

View auto-generated snapshot reports and auto-analysis data. The system offers a smart user interface with graphical statistics, Gantt charts, calendars, and more. Keep track of your stats and project implementation rates;

Assigning project teams and coordinators

Track everyone’s contributions on the project. Team members can see each other’s tasks and their progress, discuss it using the integrated chat application, share projects with other colleagues and clients, partners and stakeholders, or assign tasks to others;

Unlimited scope of the projects​

Create tasks for short-term projects or plan stages for long-term complex ones. When creating large-scale projects, you can fully develop them, break them into smaller sub-projects or tasks, and assign them to relevant team members;

Team communication

Share project related notes with others or write reminders for yourself. Keep all your messages and notifications in one place. Schedule your personal work, filtered based on their urgency or due dates;

Record problems and complaints​

Problem / complaint management will allow you to easily track errors related to ongoing or finished projects, and address the issues raised by others. Assigning problems to a specific project enables you to track the quality of your work;

Project  or task grouping and filtering

Group projects and tasks by responsible people clients, tasks types, tags, date, status, importance or your own custom filter that you can create and save in the system;

Odoo custom project management functionality

Can't find the functionality you need for your project management? The open-sourceOdoo ERP system offers vast opportunities for custom software development, so we can adapt the project management module to your specific business processes.

Watch a video on Odoo project management module:

Manage your projects productively!​

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