Choosing the best Odoo partners - what to consider?

Odoo, a comprehensive suite of open-source business applications, has revolutionised how companies manage their operations. From customer relationship management (CRM) to inventory, ecommerce, and accounting, Odoo offers a seamless, integrated experience. Its adaptability to different business models and sizes makes it an increasingly popular solution.

When acquiring this powerful software, businesses can work with Odoo ERP partners to help them find and implement solutions best aligned to their specific needs. Choosing the right partner for you, however, is crucial, as it will ensure a smooth Odoo integration into your business, maximising efficiency and ERP ROI (Return on Investment). This article will guide you through the key considerations when picking the best local Odoo partners for you. 

What are Odoo Partners?

Odoo partners are IT firms, specialising in Odoo implementation, customisation, training, and maintenance services. They are not only officially recognised by Odoo for their expertise, but also regularly collaborate with Odoo representatives to improve their technical capabilities and customer service. These companies live and breathe Odoo, which makes them more knowledgeable in it than other SaaS vendors. 

Partners are classified into three different tiers: Ready, Silver, and Gold. Each tier indicates the partner’s level of experience with Odoo, which is measured by the number of successful implementations, and their overall commitment to Odoo’s standards. Ready partners are typically newer with fewer implementations, while Silver and Gold Odoo partners have a more substantial track record and deeper expertise in the platform.

This tier system helps businesses identify partners who have the resources and the technical skills to work with larger organisations or more complex implementation projects. You will find all certified Odoo partners on their website, where you can filter them out by location or tier level, and view their references.

Key considerations when choosing the best Odoo partners

The choice of an Odoo partner is not always based solely on their tier status. The ideal partner is one whose expertise and services align perfectly with your specific business requirements. Here are some of the key considerations that will help you identify the best partners for your company:

Certifications and qualifications

Official certifications in the Odoo community are more than just badges; they demonstrate a partner’s in-depth understanding of the Odoo modules and ecosystem as well as their commitment to maintaining high standards in implementations. Certified partners have proven their skills in navigating the complexities of Odoo and are often more adept at customising the system to fit unique business processes. 

Additionally, partners who invest in continuous training for their staff are more likely to stay ahead of the latest developments in Odoo’s rapidly evolving software. Such commitment to ongoing learning ensures that your business will benefit from the latest features it offers and most efficient implementation practices. As you inquire a potential partner, you can ask them about their qualifications and how their team stays on top of Odoo’s updates.

Expertise and experience

A partner with a track record in your industry will have a better understanding of your unique challenges and needs. This expertise translates into more effective, customised Odoo solutions that align with your specific business processes. Look for partners who can demonstrate their technical capabilities through references and case studies. These real-world examples offer insights into their ability to handle complex projects and adapt the Odoo platform to various business scenarios. 

Consider the size and scale of projects they have previously managed, too. Look for partners who have experience in handling projects of similar size or complexity to yours. If all you need are standard Odoo modules, then the majority of partners should be able to help you. However, businesses that have unique / non-standard processes will require additional technical capabilities and resources to customise Odoo softwarebased on their workflows.

Project management and communication methods

Every partner has a different approach to project management, and so you want to find one that best suits your preferences. Look for a structured yet flexible project management methodology that accommodates the unique aspects of your business. Ask the potential partners what project management frameworks they will use and what the overall project timeline will look like. If the vendor has a transparent and systematic approach to Odoo implementation, they will have no issues sharing it with you.

Communication is another vital aspect of this partnership - it should be regular and clear. Assess the communication channels used by the partner: How frequently will they provide updates? How often will they do catch-up meetings? What are their response times for any urgent issues? Effective communication ensures that the project will stay aligned with your expectations as well as will adapt to any changes smoothly.

Support and maintenance services

When acquiring Odoo ERP software, you must think about the long-term perspectives, not just the initial implementation. Thus, choosing Odoo partners that are able to provide long-term support services is always a good idea. Many partners will offer support and maintenance packages, so you know exactly what you are getting each year. Robust support services mean that any issues will be resolved promptly, minimising any downtime. 

Maintenance is equally important. Regular updates of the Odoo system keep it running smoothly and securely, while also taking advantage of the newest functionality. Investigate the partner’s approach to maintenance – How frequently do they update systems, and how do they handle version migrations or custom module maintenance? A reliable partner will have a proactive approach, anticipating potential issues and keeping your system up-to-date, not only with Odoo features and security patches, but also in terms of your changing needs too. 

Long-term partnership and growth potential

Speaking of changing needs, if your business is expecting to scale in the foreseeable future, then you should search for partners that will commit to a long-term partnership. Ideally, it will be a company that has been working with Odoo for a long time, and retained the majority of their clients. They should be interested in your company’s future goals, making Odoo implementation decisions that leave room for business growth and scalability

Ask them about their experience and approach in supporting businesses that are scaling up or adapting the system based on new challenges. The right partner will be invested in your success and will support your growth with strategic guidance. They will offer you insights and solutions that will contribute to your company’s continuous improvement, beyond the initial implementation. 

Final word

Selecting the right Odoo partner is a decision that has far-reaching implications for your business. The ideal partner brings a good blend of technical expertise, industry experience, and resources for long-term commitment. Some of this information will be apparent based on their Odoo partners page or website / social media content. However, if you can’t find the answers you are looking for, don’t be afraid to ask - the right partner will be more than happy to reassure you.

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