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For businesses based in Lithuania only!

The Ministry of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania has announced a call for applications for the economic transformation and competitiveness development program "SME Digitization". 

EUR 12 million funding was allocated for the project (up to EUR 5 million for the capital region of Vilnius and up to EUR 7 million for the Central and Western Lithuania region). 

Purpose of the funding

To promote the digitization of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises by financing implementation of ecommerce transaction solutions, configuration and visualization of services and products.

Funded activities

E. pardavimo sandorių sudarymo sprendimų diegimas ir (ar) vaizdinė konfigūracija (paslaugų ir produktų konfigūravimas ir vizualizacija). Veikla skirta MVĮ persiorientuoti į produktų (jos gaminamų gaminių ir (ar) teikiamų paslaugų) skaitmeninimą, produktų elektroninę prekybą ir pristatymą.

Galimos finansavimo sumos: 

  • Up to EUR 25,000: for the implementation of ecommerce transaction solutions (e-stores, "business to consumer" (B2C) or "business to business" (B2B) solutions, including integration with ERP systems);
  • Up to EUR 25,000: For visual configuration (configuration and visualization of services and products);
  • Up to EUR 50,000 for both activities: implementation and visual configuration of e-sales transactions solutions;
  • Minimum possible amount: EUR 10 000;

Eligible expenses:

  • Costs of purchasing services and works related to project-supported activities;
  • Indirect costs (see subsection 172.1 of the Administrative Rules);

Eligible Applicants

SMEs (Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises)

Requirements for applicants:

  • The company has been operating for at least one year; 
  • The annual sales revenue of the last two financial years from self-made products must constitute at least 51% of the total sales structure; 
  • If the SME was registered less than two years ago, the average annual sales revenue from its own production from the day of company registration must not be less than EUR 100,000;
  • One applicant can submit only one application; 

Important! Applicants who received funding under measure no. 13.1.1-LVPA-K-860 "E-commerce model COVID-19", are not eligible for financing.

Selection criteria

It will be evaluated how much and what digital technologies SMEs will use 1 year after the implementation of the project. At least 7 digital technologies out of any 12 must be chosen: 

1. At least 50% of company's employees use the Internet;

2. Resources for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professionals; 

3. High-speed Internet is used (at least 30 Mbps);

4. Mobile internet devices are used by at least 20% of the SME's employees; 

5. A website or e-shop;

6. A website with advanced features;

7. Social media pages;

8. Paid advertising online;

9. SMEs purchasing cloud computing services;

10. Electronic invoicing, suitable for automatization;

11. Online trade in e-commerce accounts for at least 1% of all company's turnover; 

12. "Business to consumer" (B2C) e-commerce sales account for more than 10% all online sales. 

Other important information

  • Project activities must be completed no later than 2029. September 1;
  • Project duration: up to 12 months;  
  • Maximum financing amount: up to EUR 50,000;
  • Funding intensity: up to 50% of all eligible project costs;
  • Share of own contribution (if applicable): At least 50% of the total eligible costs of the project;
  • The selection of projects is carried out by means of a tender;
  • Deadline for application submissions: 2023 October 30th;

For more information, visit the official EU financing “SME Digitization” page.

Odoo ERP system

Funded activities, specified in the financing scheme, can be perfectly implemented with the Odoo ERP system. It offers integrated solutions for ecommerce as well as many other powerful business management functions. 

If you are eligible for funding based on the above criteria and think that Odoo ERP is the right system for you, we can help implement this project! Register for a consultation, and we'll discuss the best Odoo solutions for your individual business needs.



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