The pros & cons of Odoo custom solutions development

Odoo ERP system is as close to a “one-size-fits-all” solution as it gets, covering all the essential business needs within a single, centralised software. But, if your organisation has non-standard processes or unique requirements, worry not - Odoo’s open-source nature also offers extensive customisation capabilities. 

Now, the ability to create a custom business software, that fits perfectly with your individual workflows, is great. It can be completely transformational for some organisations. However, the truth is, not all companies should seek custom solutions. There are both pros and cons of customising Odoo ERP, which will help you better understand whether it’s the right move for you. So, let’s have a look at them. 

Pros of Odoo ERP customisation

As mentioned above, custom solutions on Odoo ERP can have highly beneficial effects on a business. Below are some of the key advantages you should know about:

Higher operational efficiency​

One of the primary benefits of customisation is the higher level of operational efficiency a business is able to achieve. This is because tailor-made solutions will take into account the specific workflows of the organisation, optimising and automating less common, or non-standard, processes. 

For example, if a company has unique lead generation strategies, a custom CRM development on Odoo will allow them to have the perfect system for their needs. Likewise, tailor-made ERP solutions for manufacturing are common, since the requirements can vary vastly depending on the industry (e.g. food and beverage manufacturing solutions as opposed to pharmaceuticals industry).

Even more flexibility

Odoo business management system is already a highly flexible software, however, if you develop your own solutions, the flexibility is even greater. You can well and truly adapt the system to the specific workflows of your business. You may also tweak and improve these solutions even further, when you find the need for it - the sky is the limit.

Not only that, such a level of flexibility is particularly important as the business scales, allowing it to easily adapt to its changing needs and processes. For example, if your current ERP CRM functionality is adapted to a particular market, you may want to adjust or expand it when planning to penetrate new markets.

Competitive advantage

If no off-the-shelve ERP system currently available in the market addresses your exact organisational needs, your direct competitors are probably struggling with the same issues as you. By developing custom business software solutions, you will solve common operational bottlenecks, increase your business capacity, boost the productivity of your processes, and improve your overall customer experience. 

As a result, your business will stand head and shoulders above the competition in the industry, who may be struggling to control their processes effectively using standard solutions. 

Cons of custom ERP solutions

There is always the other side of the coin - the downsides of developing tailored solutions. These apply to Odoo ERP system and many other ERP systems alike. 

Higher overall costs

On the whole, custom business software development will always be more expensive than using readily-available solutions. Firstly, the initial development process requires considerable amount of resources, including time and money. You will need an experienced team of developers to find and plan the right solutions, implement them, and fully test them. In addition to their time, you will also be involved in the process, ensuring that all of your needs are fully met. 

It’s not just the initial development costs, either. Any additional functionality that you may need down the line will bring additional expenses, since, again, it will require the work of the developers. This is where it is of paramount importance for businesses to calculate the realistic returns on their investment, and whether the custom functionality is worth the money. It may still be a necessity for some organisations, but not quite worth the cash for others. 

Maintenance challenges

Your ERP software needs to be maintained, making sure that it is always updated to the newest versions, there are no unforeseen bugs, and it remains secure. You can typically purchase maintenance services from your local Odoo partners, who have implemented the system for you in the first place.

However, with custom solutions, standard maintenance procedures become much more complex, requiring more time and, of course, costing more. For instance, Odoo ERP comes out with new software versions every year, improving the functionality and structure of existing modules. If your software has been customised, this update will not be quite as straight-forward. It will require the additional time of your developers to ensure that the new version works well with the existing customisations. 

High complexity

The more requirements and custom functionality your business needs, the more complex the overall project will be. High complexity can often result in unexpected issues in the long-run, especially when the solutions have been rushed or not fully thought-through. Therefore, it is that much more important to ensure that the project is completed to the highest standard.

This is not to say that your custom solutions cannot be complex, yet successful. It’s simply a risk to consider, particularly if you try to fit in too much with an insufficient budget. If your chosen developer team does not have the resources to plan and test the solutions properly, the project will likely lead you to, what is commonly known as, technical debt. Meaning, quick fixes and cheap shortcuts will result in bigger problems and higher costs in the future. 

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