Top ways a CRM software can increase your sales

When it comes to managing sales and nurturing customer relationships, working smarter not harder can certainly help you drive growth in your business. Acquiring an advanced CRM software is one of the key ways to do that - it centralises all of the data in one place, automates routine tasks and provides you with the right tools to boost productivity and efficiency, therefore improving your sales efforts too. Here are some of the key examples on how ERP systems transform the way businesses manage customer relationships and increase revenue.

Personalised communication

One of the major advantages of using a CRM software is the ability to segment your customer base in a clear and consistent way. Most systems will have a simple dashboard with all of your customer data easily accessible in one place. The visualisation aspect of it makes it easier to understand exactly the kind of leads or clients you are currently working with. There is also typically a possibility to search this data using a range of filters and tags. 

Such a convenient segmentation of your customers and a deeper insight into their needs allows you to target them more efficiently, introducing personalised communication through your marketing and sales efforts. By doing so, you will be able to engage your audience better, which could be directly related to increased sales too. 

Better collaboration

Centralising all of your customer interactions in a single software can have significant improvements in the collaboration of your teams. Whether it’s marketing, sales, customer support or accounting departments, the CRM software enables everyone to access relevant information and communicate with their colleagues with no friction. 

This is achievable by integrating your CRM system to other business areas as well as making use of various project management and communication tools available in most ERP systems, such as Odoo. Smooth and efficient collaboration amongst your teams will lead to a faster, more productive working environment and a happier customer base. 

Improved data analysis

Data is at the heart of every business. It represents your past and current performance as well as helps you move forward into the right direction. Using it to your advantage when making strategic choices will accelerate your sales efforts and growth. 

CRM software will not only help you conveniently manage your data but also make maximum value out of it by using advanced data analysis tools. You will be able to generate automated reports from a large pool of data and receive valuable insights for better-informed business decisions. This includes customer satisfaction reports, market research, project-based employee productivity information and much more - all available in only a few mouse clicks. 

Business integration

As mentioned above, CRM software will often be integrated with other areas in your company, especially when using an all-in-one ERP system for your business management. Any process in your company, from inventory management to payroll, will be interconnected with the CRM tools, providing a highly comprehensive view of all customer interactions and transactions across the board. The teams are able to easily assign dedicated sales persons, log notes, access historic customer information and otherwise achieve time-efficient communication. 

As a result, the system can further improve the overall productivity of your business, saving you lots of valuable resources as well as leaving you to focus on the more important areas and strategic decisions. 

Automated processes

A large number of routine tasks and processes associated with customer relationship management can be automated using a dedicated system. For instance, transferring customer information into the database, sending cold emails to new leads, converting leads into opportunities based on specific triggers, generating reports, receiving notifications on the sales process and invoicing customers based on chosen time frames. All of these processes can be automated or made much quicker using shortcuts. This, too, can significantly contribute to the efficiency of the business. 

Additional tools

Besides the essential tools, CRM software can also provide you with a wide range of self-service tools and resources that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. This includes resources like online knowledge bases, customer portals or various engagement tools for creating customer retention and loyalty programmes. The additional tools can help you further improve customer satisfaction as well as reduce the workload of your customer service teams. 

Final word

All of the above factors add up to not only saving you valuable resources (such as time and costs) but also freeing up your time to focus on nurturing your clients in a more personalised, engaging manner. On top of that, you are given extra tools to further enhance customer experience and satisfaction, with access to knowledge resources and customer portals. As a result, the benefits of CRM software are likely to help you gain more quality leads and create a happier customer base which, ultimately, results in the increase of sales and revenue for your business.

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