5 Successful organisations thriving with Odoo ERP system

We often talk about the benefits of Odoo ERP system and why it might be the best business management solution for your company. We also praise the flexibility and adaptability of this software, as we believe it can be used in businesses of all sizes and industries. However, usually, the best way to prove something is showing that it works in practice. So, that’s exactly what we are doing today - we are looking at five world-famous businesses that successfully use Odoo ERP to manage their global operations. 


Toyota, a name synonymous with automotive excellence, is one of the most famous car manufacturers worldwide. The company has chosen Odoo ERP to help manage its global operations across dozens of branches. Initially, Toyota has implemented Odoo sales and inventory modules for their order management and processing, however, later on they have also added on Odoo manufacturing,purchase, and accounting. 

Just after 6 months of integration, Toyota was fully using Odoo to manage these processes, already seeing potential cost savings, benefits for data management, and an overall value for their users. Due to the positive results early on, Toyota has decided to fully replace all existing business management solutions with Odoo ERP system in the future.

Grameen Danone Foods

​Established in 2006, Grameen Danone Foods is a Bangladesh-based food and beverage corporation, which focuses on children’s nutrition, producing yogurts with high nutrient and vitamin levels. As the company started seeing fast growth, it also began running into bottlenecks with their financial and supply chain management.​ 

Therefore, they have implemented Odoo ERP for its comprehensive inventory, manufacturing, accounting, invoicing, and sales modules. The software has facilitated easy tracking of the yogurt manufacturing processes, allowing them to handle their data more efficiently and automate core processes. In fact, Gramdeen Danone’s manufacturing processes were streamlined by almost 50%, while the company recorded an amazing 45% growth after full integration of Odoo system in 2021.

WWF (World Wide Fund)

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), although not a profit-seeking corporation, has found value in Odoo ERP for project management and fundraising. The system was first implemented for WWF’s Eco-makala program,aimed at saving trees in the National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

They were in need of a professional, well-functioning yet easy-to-use IT infrastructure to support their plantation growth and stimulating development. However, they were also seeking fast and low-cost implementation, with the opportunity to integrate more functionality in the future. Standard Odoo offered the perfect solution for them, with its advanced project management, accounting, budgetary control, and reporting tools as well as great scalability opportunities going forward. 


Sodexo, a leader in the corporate food industry, is most known for its meal vouchers and in-house lunch services. The key objective for them was to find a highly centralised system to manage their vending machines, including hot drinks, cold drinks, and snacks. Prior to Odoo, Sodexo was using over 14 different software and databases to manage their operations, which resulted in lots of daily challenges with operational and data management. 

In just less than a year, the company was fully running with standard Odoo accounting, invoicing, stock, and purchase modules as well as custom vending machines management and contacts management solutions. According to Sodexo’s general manager, Marc Peeters, the company has gained back around 10% of revenues with Odoo, that it lost using the old systems.

Qatar Investment Authority

Founded in 2005, the Qatar Investment authority was first established as a government enterprise, but is currently recognised as a sovereign wealth fund, specialising in both domestic and foreign investment. The company’s biggest challenge was handling important, confidential prospect data securely. 

Odoo ERP system has allowed the Qatar Investment Authority to centralise all of their data collection and storage efforts, not only increasing the efficiency of their prospect management and decision-making, but also maintaining the strict data privacy and security protocols. Additionally, the company has seen great benefits in Odoo’s data analysis and reporting tools. 

Why large organisations choose Odoo ERP system?

As we could gather from the examples of the above well-known organisations, there are a few key reasons why large enterprises gravitate towards Odoo ERP just as much as smaller businesses. Here is a brief summary of them:

  • Scalability: The software’s modular architecture allows companies to start with what they need and add on as they grow.This flexibility makes it a cost-effective solution that can evolve with a company's expanding requirements, as the business grows.

  • Analytics and reporting: Odoo’s robust analytics and reporting capabilities provide actionable insights, driving data-led decision-making across departments. Also, its centralised nature allows collecting and managing sensitive data securely.

  • Intuitive interface: Odoo ERP scores high on user-friendliness, reducing the time and resources spent on training, which is particularly important in large, global organisations.

  • Different hosting options: Odoo offers 3 different deployment options (cloud-based, on-premise or hybrid, which is best of both worlds), providing a suitable options for different organisational needs and requirements. 

  • Cost-efficiency: Although powerful, Odoo ERP is cheaper than the majority of its competitors in the market. The software works on a monthly subscription basis - one price, maximum transparency.


Odoo ERP is not merely a tool, but a versatile solution that adapts to the needs of diverse industries. From automobile manufacturers like Toyota to environmental non-profit organisations like WWF — Odoo business management software proves its mettle across a broad spectrum. Its modularity, scalability, and a user-friendly interface make it an attractive choice for small companies and large enterprises alike. These are the qualities needed to synergise operations and achieve maximum efficiency in global markets.

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