Odoo Marketing Automation: Top tips for successful campaigns

Marketing is an essential part of every business, responsible for gaining new leads, generating sales, and maintaining loyal costumers. However, it is also something that requires a lot of time, particularly when it comes to creative campaigns. 

Odoo marketing automation tools, therefore, provide an opportunity to streamline a great chunk of the repetitive activities, allowing your teams to focus all of their efforts on crafting profit-generating creative campaigns. So, let’s look into how this functionality works as well as how to make the most out of it. 

Odoo Marketing Automation Module

​Odoo ERP system has a dedicated Marketing Automation module that offers a variety of tools to create engaging marketing campaigns. With its seamless integration of email campaigns, point of sale marketing, and much more, the module allows you to automate various different interactions with your customers. 

This module is essentially based on setting up workflows with different activities, such as sending out emails and SMS, or performing a server action. These activities work based on specific triggers or timelines that you’ve set up. While the idea of it is incredibly simple and intuitive, the possibilities are very powerful. 

One of the common marketing automation examples is a company launching a new product. To let their customers know about it, they could create an email that would automatically send every time a contact is added to the campaign list. Depending on their interactions with this email, the next steps would follow. Perhaps, if they clicked on the product, but did not buy it, an SMS message would be sent in a few days, to remind them. If a person placed the product in their basket, but never checked out, the sales team could be automatically notified about an interested customer. 

There are various ways you can approach these workflows and tailor the campaigns to your individual needs. The opportunities are vast and, the best part is, once the campaign is set up and running, you don’t have to lift a finger. 

Integration with other Odoo modules

As an integrated ERP system, Odoo ensures that all business processes are seamlessly connected to one another. This is not only useful for increased efficiency and better data management, but also provides extra possibilities when it comes to marketing campaigns. Let’s look at some of the most important integrations and how you can use them to further enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns: 

  • Odoo CRM (Sales Management):CRM and Marketing Automation modules go hand in hand, allowing for a frictionless collaboration between the two departments. The detailed insights about customers available in the CRM module (such as past purchases, user behaviour, or engagement history) are key in setting up personalised campaigns based on customers’ interests. On the other hand, if an interested customer decides to reply with a question, the inquiry can automatically appear in the CRM dashboard, for customer support to take over. 
  • Odoo eCommerce:Using the website integration, companies can track visitor interactions, page views, abandoned shopping carts, and form submissions. This data can then be used to trigger specific campaigns, ensuring you're reaching out to potential leads in real-time, as and when they express interest. 
  • Odoo Events:There are various interactions that can be automated when it comes to organising company events. For example, registration emails, tickets, reminders, event information, and follow-up communication can all be automated. Likewise, new leads gained during the event can be automatically added into the workflows. 
  • Odoo Accounting:Integration with finance and accounting can be helpful when sending clients automated reminders about overdue payments or any other follow-up information regarding their purchase. This means that the finance team can trigger automated email or SMS communication with customers too, without the need for marketing or sales teams to interfere. 

​Other tips for successful campaigns using the Marketing Automation module

There are numerous ways you can use the Odoo Marketing Automation module. However, here are some tried and tested tips on how to make the most out of your campaigns.

Customer segmentation

Understanding and segmenting your audience based on its unique characteristics is a key part of an effective marketing campaign. Even though it might be the same product or service, the communication may differ greatly for different types of customers. Tailor your campaigns to these segments, based on their demographics, behaviour, buying history, or any other factors in order to increase relevancy and engagement. 

Engaging content

As with every other email marketing campaign,prioritise quality over quantity. The drag-and-drop style tools available in the Marketing Automation module allow you to create eye-catching email designs very easily. All that is left for you to do is draft a well-thought-through copy that compels the customer to click on your CTA. 


Although it is automated, it doesn’t mean that you cannot personalise your campaigns to make them even more relevant and engaging for your customers. For instance, you can automatically include their name or references to past interactions in the emails. If it’s a campaign for existing customers, the data available in your CRM module will be of high value. 

Test and optimise

The only way to perfect a campaign is through testing. The Odoo Marketing Automation module offers valuable insights into your campaigns as well as testing opportunities. Before you go-live with your campaign, you can test it by sending it to yourself or a colleague. If you have two versions of the emails, you can use the A/B testing functionalityto determine what works best based on statistical data. Lastly, once your campaign is successfully running, you will be able to access and analyse all the key data regarding them, including open and click rates, unsubscribes, and so on, further tweaking your campaigns to optimise performance. 

Ready to automate your marketing activities with Odoo?

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