Odoo restaurant and bar POS system: modern hospitality management

Delicious drinks and tasty dishes are, unfortunately, not enough for hospitality management - you know this all too well as a restaurant or bar owner. There are so many more things you must think about, from stock management to issuing refunds. 

Since you already have a lot on your plate (pun intended), you need a solution that streamlines and simplifies all of these areas, leaving you to focus on providing the best dining experience for your customers. The Odoo restaurant and bar POS system can do just that. So, let’s look at the key functionality it offers for hospitality management.

Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency is all about ensuring that all the essential processes in your hospitality business are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Here are the most important tools in this area:

Menu and order management

Effective menu management is the bread and butter of your business. Odoo ERP system excels in real-time menu management, allowing for instant updates and modifications. This feature is invaluable for accommodating daily specials or quickly removing out-of-stock items on a POS till system, thereby preventing customer disappointment. The order management aspect facilitates precise and efficient communication of custom orders to the kitchen or bar, essential in reducing preparation time and enhancing service quality.

Billing and receipts

In the fast-paced hospitality environment, Odoo's efficient billing and receipt generation capabilities stand out. The system supports diverse payment methods, including contactless and mobile payments, reflecting the latest trends in customer preferences. This versatility not only speeds up the transaction process but also enhances customer satisfaction by offering billing flexibility.

Table and floor management

Odoo offers a modern POS system in restaurants, particularly for floor management and seating arrangements. It allows for effective management of table availability, waitlists, and reservations on an easy-to-use visual representation of the restaurant's layout. During peak dining hours or special events, this tool becomes indispensable in maximising space utilisation and minimising customer wait times. 

Kitchen display system integration

This integration revolutionises kitchen operations by displaying orders in real-time, reducing the chances of error and ensuring a smooth flow from order placement to food preparation and delivery. The kitchen display feature is particularly crucial in managing large orders or catering to special dietary requests, making sure that every detail is accurately communicated to the kitchen staff.

Inventory and supply chain management

Odoo's robust inventory management solutions provide real-time visibility into stock, enabling restaurants and bars to maintain optimal inventory levels at all times. It helps in forecasting demand, preventing overstocking or stockouts, and efficiently managing the supply chain. For instance, a bar POS system will automatically calculate the usage of certain drinks and ingredients across all orders placed, notifying you when they hit low stock. This integration is also highly beneficial in managing perishable items, ensuring fresh ingredients are always available.

Customer experience enhancement

Customer experience includes everything that happens from the minute a person walks into your restaurant, to the moment they say their goodbyes. So, no matter how brilliant the meal was, if the orders got mixed-up or the bill took too long to come out - you’re in risk of poor reviews. The below functionalities are, therefore, all about enhancing your customer experience:

Mobile and tablet compatibility

Odoo POS system is compatible with numerous mobile and tablet devices, meaning that your staff are not limited to one screen at the bar. This also means that the staff is able to place orders and take payments at the table. Not only does this speed up the service, but also reduces any errors or miscommunication, as the orders are entered directly into the system, while interacting with the customer.

Bill splitting and refunds

The system's flexibility in handling bill splitting caters to groups with varying payment needs, making it a customer-friendly feature. Additionally, its streamlined refund process is equally important in managing customer dissatisfaction or order cancellations, ensuring a quick and hassle-free resolution, while also minimising the likelihood of poor online reviews. 

Online ordering and delivery

Ordering food from home is now more popular than ever and Odoo can provide an easy integration with online ordering and delivery platforms. This feature allows restaurants and cafes to expand their customer base beyond their physical location, catering to a wider audience and, as a result, increasing their profits, too.

Marketing activities

The hospitality industry is highly saturated, meaning you have to put extra effort in order to stand out from your competition. The integrated marketing functionality in Odoo BMS will help you do that more efficiently. 

Odoo POS and CRM integration

The Odoo POS and CRM integration enables a more personalised customer experience. This feature allows for tracking customer preferences as they book a reservation with you, including their order history, previous feedback, or special dates (i.e. birthdays and anniversaries). This can be used to tailor marketing campaigns, menu adjustments, and special promotions via emails, creating a more memorable experience for each individual customer. 

Dynamic pricing and promotions

The ability to easily manage your pricing is crucial when implementing time-based pricing promotions, such as happy hours or early bird specials. This flexibility attracts more customers during slower periods, while also maximising revenue during peak times.

Loyalty programs​

Introducing loyalty programs is a great marketing tool for building a customer base that keeps on coming back. These programs can be tailored to reward frequent visits, high spending, or even customer referrals, encouraging repeat business and word-of-the-mouth promotion. Additionally, many restaurants also use points reward system (e.g. when a customer collects a certain amount of points, they are rewarded with a free drink or a dessert).

Human resources

Below tools are all about managing your hospitality staff as efficiently as possible:

Staff and shift management

Odoo simplifies HRM (Human Resources Management) by allowing you to easily view and assign their shifts and responsibilities. This tool ensures that the right number of staff is available at any given time, improving service efficiency and customer / employee satisfaction. The staff can easily swap their work hours with other team members or ask for extra shifts. Additionally, you can easily track staff performance, which can be used for further training and employee incentives.

Accounting and payroll integration

Odoo also offers an integrated restaurant accounting software which streamlines your financial management and payroll. For instance, the system can automatically calculate the work hours that each employee has clocked in as well as any sick / holiday pay they are due. All of this information will be seamlessly connected to your restaurant accounting software, where automated payments can be made based on your selected time frames and other rules.

Multi-location coordination

For hospitality chains or franchises, seamless management of multiple locations is of paramount importance. Luckily, Odoo ERP system can integrate numerous locations in a single, centralised platform, allowing you to easily view all of them. This feature ensures uniformity in operations, menu offerings, or opening times across all outlets, which is crucial for brand consistency and customer experience. 

Final word...

Managing a restaurant can truly become a piece of cake with smart Odoo POS solutions. Each of these tools equip your business with everything it needs to strive for operational efficiency and top-notch customer experience. 

However, if there is something missing in the above list of functionality - don’t worry! Odoo business management system is highly flexible and can be adapted to your specific requirements. Get in touch with us and let’s discuss your Odoo implementation needs!

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