How did you work without this system?

The unique and powerful transport logistics and forwarding process management module, fully integrated in Odoo. 

Specialised Odoo module for a transport logistics and forwarding company

We are offering a unique transport logistics and forwarding process management module based on Odoo system principles. This Odoo module is intended for administration and accounting of processes for a company engaged in logistics or freight forwarding activities. 

Why us? Why Odoo?

  1. Odoo has an extremely flexible structure. One system can integrate virtually all business processes within a company.
  2. The system can be extended with additional features. If you wish, we will tailor it to your unique and specific needs.
  3. The perfect, intuitive and world-renowned Odoo user interface adapts to mobile devices.
  4. We do not apply additional licensing or other restrictions on the number of jobs in the company when purchasing the program. For those who wish to rent, we provide simple, clear and competitive pricing.
  5. We have been actively involved in the development process during which we were consulting with a successful company in the field of international transportation, so the functions implemented in the system are dictated by practice.
  6. There is no doubt that our expedition and logistics process management system far exceeds the currently available options on the market in terms of capabilities and functionality.

Expedition Process Management System

Key features and capabilities:

  • Cargo transportation order formation (delivery address, consignee, customer, quantity of cargo, type of cargo, transport type, order identifier);
  • Type / sort classification of transport;
  • Type / sort classification of freight
  • Transport order (type / sort of transport, transport supplier, required transport doc: CMR insurance, licenses ...);
  • Generation of transportation / forwarding contract / order with clients and contractors;
  • Generation of incoming / outgoing invoices;
  • Transmission of incoming / outgoing invoice data to general ledger (Full integration with Accounting);
  • Payment control;
  • Ability to move freight unlimited number of times between different vehicles and to be repackaged, transhipped to different containers, facilities, warehouses, etc .;
  • Unlimited change and tracking of vehicle and freight location or status. Possibility of correction / cancellation (in case of error);
  • Assigning Pricing to Services based on the pricing specified by customers / services providers in CRM database;
  • Modifies action sequences for transport operations performed. (eg return action sequence is formed when transporting containers, if that’s required);
  • Register of fixed places of loading / unloading;
  • Records of the routes of the hired carriers and of the goods they carry;
  • Customer cargo and itinerary registering;
  • Quick order creation (ability to copy a previous order);
  • Full and partial loads;
  • Daily notes - for work with orders;
  • Manage limitations to alert the user to the possible occurrence of a problem (SAFEGUARDS for illogical dates, when unloaded cargo is being shipped and for when the chartered transport physically cannot accept its intended weight / volume)
  • A search engine which allows the tracking of cargo, its status and location by any known information about the cargo;
  • Individual generation of a SKU (stock keeping unit) in cargo operations for back-tracking of internal parts of the system according to documents generated at that time (Sequences);
  • Program activity tracking (who changed what and when) / Ability to track event sequences / progress by SKU;

Logistics Process Management System

Additional features and capabilities:

  • Full integration with warehouses / locations;
  • Full integration with warehouse accounting;
  • Possibility of accounting for 3rd party warehouse;
  • Cargo consolidation, cargo / package distribution for multiple orders from a single vehicle;
  • Cargo packaging, repackaging and accounting of repackaging services;
  • Detailed description of cargo packages / pallets, comparison with planned and actual weights, volumes, etc .;
  • Ability to account for orders / shipments through multiple voyages, warehouses, and types of vendor (analytical accounts);

Own garage (transport) management system

Additional features and capabilities:

  • Cargo transportation order formation (delivery address, consignee, customer, quantity of cargo, type of cargo, transport type, order identifier);
  • Type / sort of transport classification. Assigning the vehicle to a responsible person;
  • Vehicle status (kanban);
  • Credit and Fuel Cards Classifier. Ability to assign cards to a responsible person;
  • Possibility to assign / combine multiple vehicles. For example, a tractor unit gets assigned a semi-trailer;
  • Document Validity Tracking. Creating / generating reminders and tasks. Eg: validity of insurance policy; Validity of driver’s health certificate; License validity, etc.;
  • Tracking actions by mileage.  Eg: Reminder of technical vehicle inspection; A reminder to check the condition of the tires after a certain number of mileage; Oil change reminder, etc.;
  • Register of contracts;
  • Mileage register;
  • Fuel consumption register;
  • Transfer of fuel, service and other expenses to the accounting module;
  • Possibility to assign cost centers (analytics);
  • Integration with expedition module.

Other compatible Odoo modules and useful features / capabilities

  • Integration with own transport (module "Garage");
  • Google Maps integration (map of orders, contacts and routes. Address search and entry via Google Maps interface;
  • Integration with procurement system. Organization of surveys / competitions directly from sales, projects and logistics modules, Administration of bulk inquiries;
  • Sales Calculator - a unique tool for forwarding businesses. Allows you to create pricing templates for itineraries and additional services that are used to formulate quotes for customers within a minute. A generated pdf file is sent directly from the system. Upon approval by the customer, such offer is converted into a real route/ itinerary within the transport module;
  • Data exchange with 3rd party systems (API). IMPORTANT-  Additional programmer time is needed to adapt the data structure.

* The system works only with: CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Purchasing and Inventory modules.