Odoo Modules and Functions

Take advantage of the Odoo flexibility and benefits in every step of your business, no matter what you do. 

This technology is outstanding!

Standart Odoo modules

Odoo offers a FREE version of the “Community” version - this license does not limit the number of users and allows you to modify the code as well as customise the system to your individual needs with practically no limitations.  ATTENTION! The free Odoo version outperforms most of the pricey business management systems in the market with its flexibility and potential. You can also choose a licensed “Enterprise” version- the monthly price depends on the types of modules used and the number of users. Both of these versions work on the same Odoo basis and are basically identical.
And we are here to help you use Odoo to the full 100 percent of its potential.

Sale management

Provides powerful and flexible sales management tools - from first contact with prospective buyer to invoicing.

Stock management

Will automise the stock management- from the moment of receiving goods in the warehouse to the delivery of customers’ orders.

Asset management

Makes it easy  to manage and control the organisation’s inventory and equipment.

Project management

Will allow to effectively manage an unlimited number of projects, control them at all stages of implementation, track, systemyse and store all relevant information.

Manufacturing management

Will allow you to efficiently manage production orders, perform production cost calculations,  to automate tracking of raw material balances, work time accounting, and forecast production capacity.

Website or e-shop building

You will be able to easily and quickly create a modern website or e-shop that meets all site requirements and is fully integrated with your warehouse and accounting.

Accounting and finance

Manage all your activities (including financial) in one place. Odoo accounting meets the highest accounting standards and is fully integrated.


Will help you easily calculate the salary payments. Most of the routine tasks are done automatically, or in just a few clicks.

HR management

Modern and extremely flexible. Provides extensive opportunities for human resource management for both,  small and large companies.

Purchase management

It will help you manage your purchasing processes in a modern way - from sending a request for a price quotation, to the arrival of goods in the warehouse, to the collection of supplier invoices

Call and meeting planning

Has all the features of CRM, including call and appointment management, that significantly improves your communication with potential and existing clients.

Marketing management

Provides great capabilities for managing and automating email enquiries from customers and company's emails as well as designing and running professional marketing campaigns.

Fleet management

Helps to track and manage vehicle fuel costs, insurance and other costs, technical inspection periods, control usage, lease, repair and much more.

Point of Sale

This is a computerized cash register system for a point of sale (shop, kiosk, bar, restaurant, cafe, canteen) with specialized software, fully integrated with Odoo processes.