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For manufacturing operations

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Broadcast the production process on screen

Odoo orders production execution mapping module that works in real time. From now on, our clients will be even more interactive. This module allows you to track the production process on an online screen at the workshop, or simply via your phone, tablet..

his module has no settings. After installation, the screen view is accessed via the submenu. Everything is very simple.  
Meanings of icons:                              

- The work order operation is ready;  - The work order operation is in progress;   -  The work order operation is paused;  - The entire work center is blocked - blocking it in one  production order will automatically block it in all the other production orders that use the same work centre;  - The work order operation is complete.

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Ranking production orders by importance

Each production order can be ranked in order of importance, from 1 to 3 stars.

On a separate production display screen, you will see the orders according to their importance: 3 stars - highest level, if not starred - lowest level of importance. The stars influence how they appear on the production screen. The more stars, the higher the corresponding production order is placed.

It is possible to change the number of stars in the job order operation itself. Although it is important to know that when the number of stars is set in the production order - it will be the same number in the operations as well. 
In the picture below you can see an overview of the production orders and work operations linked to them
    1. This production order is being executed; 2. A very important production order ranked with three stars